Meet Yata,

first fully reactive app, that makes your copy and translations management easier!


Real Time

Thanks to using web sockets and pub-sub inside the hex/gem packages - all changes are immediately visible inside your app.


Real time collaboration, add many peoples and roles, limit access to your projects based on the language.

Change history

Yata remembers changes made to translations. Tracking your work is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Supported formats

Your translations can be exported to most popular formats, among them YAML and JSON.


We support multiple frameworks and programming languages. Additional access is available through our API.

Powerful search

Our search engine allows to browse translations in many ways to improve your work.



Fantastic support for live connections through web-sockets allowed us to build a hex package that will automatically refresh translations on your application side. After it is configured it connects to Yata to wait for any incoming changes in your texts.


Our Ruby Gem allows you to fetch your translations with a rake task or configure it to use web-socket connection.


NPM package adds a command line cli to fetch translations easily. Package is generic enough to be used in SPAs such as EmberJS or AngularJS but also will work with most backend NodeJS based frameworks!

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Choose your plan

We offer variety of plans that will suit any translations requirements. We allow for a small and slow start while we grow with you towards your success.

Starter Package

€34 /month

• up to 1500 translations/content keys

• basic support

• unlimited languages

• 1 user

Standard Package

€56 /month

• up to 3000 translations

• full support

• unlimited languages

• unlimited users

Ultimate Package

€110 /month

• over 10.000 translations

• full support

• unlimited languages

• unlimited users

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